Le grand paysage (pour un jour)
06 Dec – 18 Jan. 2015

Entitled «The great landscape (for a day)» Vittorio Santoro is second solo exhibition at the gallery revolves around the figure of the artist, the politics and poetics of its practice .

The Exhibition is conceived in a dialog with space characterized by references to travel, to wandering, or invitations to move around or within his works, by convoking different protagonists : artists, novels characters, friends or relations, but also bystanders.

The new set of works indicates the artists on-going concern to develop adequate sculptural forms for a diverse set of states and mechanisms. The works allude to visible acts and silences, meaningful gestures and apparent voids, and to the potentials ascribed to art is social function, but also to opportunities missed,
failures and hermetic times within the «wider landscape» of the artists doing.