01 Oct – 29 Oct. 2016

Jérôme Poggi is pleased to present the second exhibition dedicated to Wesley Meuris. Following up with his "Musée des Futurs" (2016), Wesley Meuris keeps questionning the exhibition processes and techniques of display. This time the gallery is considered as an agency, willingly undefinite in its form but not in its meaning, embodied through a serie of display cabinets. The exhibition is augmented at FIAC, where the artist proposes an important satellite installation, mimicking professional salons and fairs.

Meuris’ work has been the subject of several international exhibitions, such as Kunsthalle Wien (2016) and Mu.ZEE, in Oostende (2016). Four year after his large personnal exhibition at Casino Luxembourg (2012), The Grand Hornu Museum of Contemporary Art will host an important solo show in 2017.