18 Mar – 15 Apr. 2017

Galerie Jérôme Poggi is proud to collaborate for the first time with Yona Friedman. A solo exhibition will be devoted to him from March 18th to April 15th, 2017. On the occasion of the opening, Saturday, March 18th, a public performance will be organised on the Pompidou Center piazza, in partnership with the Centre National Edition Art Image (CNEAI) and Pompidou Center. The gallery will also dedicate a solo show to Yona Friedman in May during the Loop vidéo art fair, in Barcelona.

For the first exhibition at the gallery devoted to Yona Friedman (born in 1923, in Hungary), Jérôme Poggi invited Sylvie Boulanger, director of CNEAI and specialist of its work as associate curator. Yona Friedman will occupy the entire space of the gallery, inside and outside. He will produce a large installation, submitting one of his famous iconostase to special lighting in order to project shadows of the structure on the walls.

Conceptually creative, Friedman developed a precise terminology to name the architectural shapes he creates. Thus, the name Iconostase refers to a proteinic structure composed of geometric parts, elaborated follow the "chain-space" technique, that can host many projects, models, drawings, posters of the artist. The shape of those structures is as much an art piece, a model or a project awaiting activation. It is a technique for tridimensional structures, composed of plastic or aluminium circles. An Iconostase allows for the structure to be freed from geometric uniformity : a geometric grid can be transformed into another whenever, wherever. Laboratory for shapes and gesture, this structure allows to discover the different typologies of building created by Friedman and incites the public to question the idea of an art piece. Open to many ever-changing settings, Iconostase is a structure in permanent evolution which reduces the distinction between the container and the contained, between and art piece and architecture.

Yona Friedman will present a series of original slideshows, including drawings that constituted the chapter dedicated to architecture in his book "The human being explained to aliens". In this book, over 2000 drawings, he develops a philosophy of life with concision, humour and pertinence. Most of the questions being raised by the 21st century are here, encapsulated in sketches of analyses truly riveting. Slideshows appears as comic strips which without pretending to universal truth, reflect on complex ideas with graphic intentions.