09 Dec – 13 Jan. 2018

Jerome Poggi is pleased to present in France the first solo exhibition of the Brazilian artist and monk Sidival FILA, living and working today at the Monastery of San Bonaventura in Rome.

Sidival Fila was born in 1962 in the Brazilian state of Parana, Brazil. He studied art in Sao Paolo before moving to Europe in 1985. It was during a study trip to Italy that he first chose to devote himself to religion, putting aside his work as an artist for a few years to become a priest.

While running the Franciscan monastery of San Bonaventura on Mount Palatine in Rome today, Sidival Fila has been working on an artistic activity for about ten years in his monastery, in a vast workshop overlooking the Roman Forum. The exhibition, organized with the complicity of art critic and exhibition curator Dominique Païni, brings together an exceptional collection of ten monochrome, pleated and sewn paintings. At the same time, the Church of Saint Eustache hosts a work by Sidival Fila which will be on display until the end of January 2018.