Absolu Incertain

08 Sep – 02 Oct. 2018

The gallery starts its tenth year by presenting a group show, gathering four artists who will be particularly spotlighted in 2018/2019.

Entitled after an unpublished text by Georges Tony STOLL currently highlighted at the Contemporary Art Center - La Banque in the exhibition «Vertiges», a show curated by Lea Bismuth and dedicated to Georges Bataille, «Absolu Incertain» gathers four of the most recent paintings from the phenomenal «Paris Abysse» series that the artist started two years ago. Next to him, one of the other greatest French painters newly joining the gallery, in parnership with Ben Brown Gallery (London) : after having a major show at Collection Lambert in Avignon, Djamel TATAH presents two recent paintings, announcing his solo show at the gallery in Spring 2019. Kapwani KIWANGA, who will be widely visible in 2018/2019 in particular at the MIT List (Boston) with a solo show in January 2019, is displaying for the first time in Paris two new works from the «Soft Measures» series, initiated for Glasgow International 2018. Last but not least, Marion VERBOOM, winner of the LVMH Métiers d’Art prize that will be revealed at the gallery in December 2018, is participating to the group show with two sculptures, including a new «Achronie» specially produced for «Absolu Incertain».