21 Jun – 02 Aug. 2019

Jérôme Poggi is pleased to present the second solo exhibition dedicated to the Brazilian artist Sidival Fila (1962) who lives and works in Rome, Italy. Echoing its installation at the 58th edition of the Venice Biennale, this new body of work emphasizes his transversal position between a minimalist and abstract European tradition, and the vernacular, rite like, Latin American techniques of sewing.

Sidival Fila is at the head of the Franciscan Covent of San Bonaventura al Palatino in Rome. In parallel with an international artistic career, he joined the Franciscan friars a few years after his installation in Europe in 1985, where he had come to study art.

After several recent important exhibitions at Museo Carlo Bilotti of Villa Borghese (2015), Le Fresnoy (2016, curated by Dominique Païni), and at Palazzo Ducale di Sassuolo (2017) in dialogue with the Panza di Biumo collection, a major monographic exhibition will be dedicated to his work next fall at the Palazzo Merulana - Cerasi Foundation in Rome. In December 2019, Galerie Poggi will present a solo project for Art Basel Miami Beach.