Summer greetings

12 Jun – 17 Jul. 2010

SUMMER GREETINGS concludes the first year of the gallery and announces at the same time the 2010/2011 program. Since its opening in August 2009, the gallery has organized six collective exhibitions (Surface to air, Vidi Video Visum) or solo ones (Kees Visser, Philip Caura, Cedrick EYMENIER), marking the interests of the gallery for some form of abstraction, visual or conceptual, but also for questions related to notification on representation and experience, finding a form both in painting and photography and video. This summer exhibition presented until July 17th reflects these interests that the 2010/2011 program will go in depth in several solo exhibitions (Dominique Furger, Isabelle ARTHUIS, Bertrand Lamarche) and thematic ones ("Between the crystal and smoke" in early 2011).