Entre le Cristal et la Fumée / PART 1

12 Feb – 26 Mar. 2011

«Between Crystal and Cloud»....  Located on a spectrum limited by both extreme states of matter, from the most regular and compact to the most dispersed and random, in 1978 Henri Atlan wrote an historic  essay in order to study the nature of things, and beyond, in order to decipher the organization of our society, indeed of our thoughts and of our spirituality. Crystal & Cloud is also the title of a work  the American artist Carl André made in 1995 in memory of the art dealer Konrad Fischer  who had just died. On one side a cube made up of 144 steel dice, and on the other the same number of elements dispersed on the floor in a random fashion. Between crystal  and smoke… some would hesitate between being and nothingness (Sartre), while others would oscillate  Between chance  and necessity (Jacques Monod).

Freely inspired by these references, the exhibition attempts to situate the work of art and the artistic  process on a tangible scale bounded by two extremes, between order and disorder, appearance and disappearance, cause and effect, logic  and chance, opacity and transparency. It’s the sensitive state of the art work, the process of its appearance but also of its perception that the exhibition approaches from the physical and conceptual  point of view, weighing the principles of crystallization  on one hand and sublimation on the other. For if art could be perceived as a form of sublimation of the world around us, it is also “the need for crystallization  of  the human being” as the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch wrote, and often referred to this concept in his notes.