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Anna-Eva Bergman, Vera Pagava, The Horizon of Abstraction

Jérôme Poggi is pleased to announce our new collaboration with the estate of the Georgian artist Vera Pagava (1907-1988).

In dialogue with Anna-Eva Bergman (1909-1987), the gallery is showing Pagava’s work for the very first time from Tuesday, June 4th to Saturday, 12th 2021. Although the two of them probably never met, there are many similarities between their careers and practices, which the exhibition highlights.


Originally from Georgia and from Norway, Vera Pagava and Anna-Eva Bergman lived most of their lives in France and led their careers both at the heart and on the edge of the artistic scene. The similarities between their practices are numerous, and go beyond their biographies and the influence that their native countries may have exerted on their practices : a sensitive approach minimalism for example, nourished by an intimate experience of landscape and nature. Both cultivated “the art of abstraction” as Anna-Eva Bergman wrote, bringing us close to the horizon of an abstraction, which is nonetheless never reached.

This exhibition is organized in partnership with the Hartung-Bergman Foundation(Antibes, FR) and the Vera Pagava Cultural Association.

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4 Mai - 12 Jun. 2021

In situ