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Babi Badalov, Art is Myth I am Real

Jérôme Poggi is pleased to announce the first Parisian solo show by Azeri artist Babi Badalov. A political refugee in France since 2011, Babi Badalov is a wanderer, a forced nomad from Azerbaïjan who has spent most of his life between various countries, cultures and languages.


Babi Badalov is a migrant, a nomad despite himself: from Azerbaijan where he was born to France where he found asylum, he has gone through a myriad of countries, cultures and languages. His migrations between the former Soviet Union, the United States, Europe, Asia Minor and the Middle East catalyzed his pictorial and graphic work: ornamental poetry in which one can read and look at the cultural, historical and ideological conflicts of our globalized world. For a virulent and sensitive artist such as Babi Badalov, art is a means of revolutionary struggle.

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May 20 - June 20, 2015