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Nikita Kadan, The Day of Blood

The Day of Blood is an original project conceived by the artist around the myth of Attis, an ancient character, himself born of mutations of matter and desires. By putting together charcoal drawings, sculptures and photographs, Kadan offers us a singular reflection on the metamorphosis and hybridization of genres, from which emanates a latent and disturbing violence.


” Combining images and symbols from ancient myths and modern narratives, political and personal approaches, and glorifying the figure of Attis, Nikita Kadan offers in The Day of Blood the image of a paradoxical and irrational world, where introspection and pain, wars and revolutions, the ” unshakeable ” and metamorphosis meet. With multiple works, he draws a metaphorical portrait of the contemporary subject, perhaps a hero of our time, who suffers from the unbearable knowledge of violence, in a world where no category is fixed. The metamorphosis is offered to him/her as the only possible way out, and as the only certainty. “

– Sasha Pevak

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8 dec. 2020 - 15 jan. 2021