Djamel Tatah
21 Feb – 24 Feb. 2019

Jérôme Poggi gallery is pleased to present a solo show of Djamel Tatah, who just joined the gallery last September 2018. Echoing its first participation to 1:54 London (with works by Kapwani Kiwanga, in 2014), the gallery is glad to deepen its relationship with the African art scene. In the continuum of its international development, firstly oriented towards North America and South America, the gallery is aiming to foster intellectual and professional exchanges with Africa and the Middle-East.

Althought Djamel Tatah benefits from great international exposure, especially in the Maghreb region where the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Algiers dedicated an extensive exhibition to the artist in 2013, or through his presence at the MACAAL collections, it is paradoxically its first solo show in Morocco.

All the more so since the country has been a great source of inspiration for Djamel Tatah. A few years ago, a trip to Casablanca profoundly affected the artist. The silhouettes of numerous "wanderers" (men, women, children) relentlessly striding across the streets of the port town had a strong impact on the artist's' iconography. Djamel Tatah payed tribute to these gures in several works presented at the fair.