Djamel Tatah
26 Feb – 01 Mar. 2020

For its sixth participation in ARCOmadrid, Galerie Poggi is pleased to present a solo show of the French-Algerian artist Djamel Tatah, in partnership with Ben Brown Fine Arts, gathering around een works from his most recent series.

Despite the fact that Djamel Tatah is considered today one of the most important and recognized painters of his generation, his work has not been shown in Spain since the series of exhibitions in the contemporary art centers of Salamanca and Valladolid in 2002.

As Eric de Chassey (now general director of the Institut national d'histoire de l'art) wrote in the Salamanca catalogue, Djamel Tatah's paintings refer to entire sections of art history, both in the tradition of classical painting, and in that of modernist and contemporary monochromes. In 2018, the Lambert collection in Avignon brought his work into dialogue with the minimalist works of Robert Ryman, Brice Marden, Robert Mangold, Robert Barry or Richard Serra. Later in 2020, the Matisse Museum in Nice will be presenting an exhibition in which his works will be interracting with those of the the XXth century painter.

But his work could be equaly related to Spanish art, o en contemplated by the artist, whether Golden Age paintings (Ribera in particular), or the Mozarabic art of the VIIIth and XIst centuries.

Both timeless and universal, his work is also resolutely contemporary, drawing much from contemporary iconography (photographs, media) to paint his characteristic gures. Since 1986, Djamel Tatah has undeniably taken the radical decision to compose his paintings of only two elements: dressed human gures, o en life-size, on a coloured background close to monochrome. And to mix oil paint with wax, giving his colours a speci c light.