Photographies from the 90's
04 Mar – 07 Mar. 2021

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"Georges Tony Stoll most radically synthesizes the aesthetic and philosophical approach of today's representation. His simple, abstract, "disposable" yet irreproachable images reveal each time a personal enigma about our time".

Louis Mesplé, L'aventure de la photo contemporaine de 1945 à nos jours, Ed. Chêne, 2006, Paris. p. 206.

For the first edition of FIAC OVR, the gallery brings together a collection of iconic photographs from the 1990s that have had a significant impact on most of the exhibitions and histories of contemporary photography. A selection of photographs is exhibited at the gallery from March 2nd to 7th, 2021.

1993 : Georges Tony Stoll (born in Marseille in 1955) discovers he is a photographer as much as a painter, almost by chance, when a friend offers him a Numatic camera. His photographs immediately took a place amongst the most radical and decisive images of the history of contemporary photography in the 90s. As performances of bodies and objects captured in the light of the flash, the photographs of Georges Tony Stoll are "false images of a set of different realities that we must not necessarily recognize. (...) And these images become anonymous images, all the while forcing those who look at them to be concerned then by their experience of strangeness".

Visit now our exclusive FIAC private room