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Bertrand Lamarche, The Plot

Conceived as an extension of his work at La Maréchalerie on the occult figure of the Baphomet, the publication presents a collection of works by Bertrand Lamarche as well as two critical texts.

Idolater and androgynous, the Baphomet is an occult figure brought to light by Pierre Klossowski’s 1965 novel of the same name. A figure of fascination or fear, the Baphomet is characterized by his continuous transformation and his indeterminate relationship to wisdom, morality and his own origins. Already summoned in some of Bertrand Lamarche’s earlier projects such as the installation La Réplique or the video Les Souffles, “the prince of modifications” takes shape here in a levitating subject, around which works referring to a principle of transformation are articulated.

Combining exhibition views, archival documents, photographs and graphic works, the publication questions the recurrence of forms and motifs in Bertrand Lamarche’s work, their simultaneity, but also his relationship to realism and modernity, in the double movement of modeling and disjunction that he sets up with the real.

Texts by Nathalie Leleu and Ingrid Luquet-Gad.

Graphic design by Charles Villa.

Published in December 2018

bilingual edition (French / English)

20,5 x 30,5 cm

128 pages

ISBN : 978-2-918512-15-8

EAN : 9782918512158

28.00 €