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Sophie Ristelhueber, Alberto Giacometti, Legacy

Catalog of the exhibition “Legacy. Alberto Giacometti & Sophie Ristelhueber”, presented at the Giacometti Foundation, Paris (September 27, 2022 – November 30, 2022). Internationally renowned for her photographic work on war, Sophie Ristelhueber offers here an equally important but lesser-known reflection on the traces of family memory inscribed in places and objects of reminiscence. This richly illustrated work captures the strength and singularity of these works of intimacy. In an approach tinged with melancholy, Ristelhueber revisits one of the fundamental subjects of the modern artist: the ambivalence between life and death in artistic representation.


Editor : Fage / Fondation Giacometti

Texts : French / English

Pages : 130


ISBN : 9782849757246

Price : 24 €