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In November 2003, then from February to March 2004, Sophie Ristelhueber made two trips to the West Bank (WB) and photographed the roads cut off like so many breaks, obstacles that symbolize the separation between men. His images of bruised landscapes are gathered in this book.

The acronym WB is the logo of a place that does not exist, it is the title chosen by the author for this work which delivers a powerful metaphor of the tragedy of this region. Neither militant, nor photo-reporter, Sophie Ristelhueber is an artist who gives us a glimpse of a land torn apart by men.

With 54 photographs, in color, full page, without comments.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition presented by the Cabinet des estampes of Geneva from February 22 to May 1, 2005.

Illustrated cardboard (Sophie Ristelhueber in the West Bank by R. L. JONES, 2004)

ublisher: 2005 – Éditions Thames & Hudson, Paris

ISBN : 2-87811-257-1

Dimensions : 11cm x 17cm

Pages : 108


Published on the occasion of the exhibition “Ups and Downs”, National Gallery of Iceland

06.09 > 27.10.2013

25 €