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Exhibition Type

This publication encompasses the consistently expanding “strategy” of FEAK and deals with Meuris’ whole oeuvre going from Zoological to Explanatory Structures – informative exhibition models to posters, entry tickets or air circulation and heat sources in exposition rooms – e.g.: Entrance Kit for Sculpture Garden (an installation at the Middelheim outdoor museum in Antwerp – 2010) and Panoramic Rotunda (an installation at MAC’s Grand Hornu – 2017).

All of these projects, whether sculptures, installations or collages, are based on a classification systems going from Zoological Classification (a collection of parameters which are decisive for the architecture of an animal cage with a maximum comfort for the spectators) to C.C.C.A.I. – The World’s most important Artists – a data collection which explores the artist’s life in depth which is a publication in response to the eponymous exhibition in Galery Art & Essai – Rennes – 2010.

Pictures of his solo exhibition in Mac’s Grand Hornu (BE) Modèles d’exposition and the solo exhibition Scenes of Engagements, running in 2017 in Centre d’Art Contemporain – Amilly (FR), are provided in the book as well.

Exhibition Types
Text by Stef Van Bellingen and others (E)
Design by Undercast
24 x 22cm, 132 pages
Published by Wesley Meuris & Stockmans