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“Alberto Giacometti / Sophie Ristelhueber. Legacy”

The exhibition “Legacy” places in dialogue previously unseen works as well as some new productions by Sophie Ristelhueber and a series of works by Alberto Giacometti. Internationally renowned for her photographic work on the question of memory and war, the artist presents here a reflection as important but less known to the public around traces of family memory inscribed in the places and objects of reminiscence.

In the oeuvre of the Swiss artist, Ristelhueber chose the enduring part played by the family constellation and the environment of his childhood by selecting a gallery of painted portraits and a series of heads in plaster of his family. Ristelhueber associates Giacometti’s home village with her own family home, which was the theatre of her childhood and the subject of many photographic series.

The correspondence between individual experience and the human condition that underlies both artists’ work, is organised in a confrontation arranged between the photographic series Ristelhueber made at the hospital on the reconstructed bodies and Giacometti’s scarified sculptures.

Sophie Ristelhueber thus takes another look at one of the key topics of the modern artist, the ambivalence between life and death in art representation.

Curator : Hugo Daniel