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Bertrand Lamarche, “Une Descente dans le Funnel”

Proposed for the studiolo, Bertrand Lamarche’s ‘Une descente dans le Funnel’ consists of two films placed end-to-end.

The film ‘Poursuites’ (2017) is described by the artist as an “underground stroll”, with no real scenario. Using processes reminiscent of early cinema, Lamarche seeks depth on a flat surface, “an illusion conducive to reverie and self-forgetfulness”.

Filmed in the same red and black tones, and playing with the same disturbances in the scale of what we see, ‘The Funnel’ (2023) features a fixed shot of a construction turning on itself. The cadence of the movement and the repetitive music produce a hypnotic effect. In a second state, we enter an imaginary space that the artist describes in the text accompanying the projection.