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Seffa Klein, A Family Constellation

Jérôme Poggi is pleased to present Seffa Klein’s first exhibition in Europe (born in 1996, in Phoenix, Arizona), and to introduce this event with a unique and exceptional dialogue featuring works by Yves Klein, Rotraut, Marie Raymond, and Günther Uecker, who are respectively her grandparents, great-grandparent, and great-uncle.


The exhibition will bring together around twenty paintings, three sculptures, and a collection of works on paper by Seffa Klein. They will resonate with three remarkable works by Yves Klein (1928-1962), several rare paintings by Marie Raymond (1908-1988), outstanding works by Rotraut (born in 1938, lives and works in Arizona), as well as a historic piece by Günther Uecker (born in 1930).

The exhibition of Seffa Klein is organized in collaboration with Yann Perreau (Here is Elsewhere). The gallery would also like to thank Diane de Polignac Gallery, Clavé Fine Arts, Standard Associates, and the Thibault Poutrel Collection for their support.

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May 15 - July 13, 2024

Works (Selection)