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Material Art Fair 2019

Gallery Poggi is pleased to come back to Mexico City for the second time, and deepen the bonds with South America, which have been developed for four years, from Bogota to Miami. In 2018 the gallery was invited to participate in Zona Maco, but this year it has chosen Material Art Fair to present for the first time in Mexico three artists from different generations and profiles.

The title of the exhibition «This-Savage-In-Spite-Of-Myself» («Ce-malgré-moi-de-sauvage» in French), takes the words of the painter Paul Gauguin, who persuades us to follow that savage inside us far from conventions in order to find that original and inimitable genious. At a moment in which for some years contemporary academicism has been drying out the art world until the point of turning it boring, predictable and unsurprising, three iconoclast artists of their kind are gathered in this exhibition around the concept of «savage» : Sidival Fila (Br/It, 1962), Georges Tony Stoll (Fr, 1955), Paul Mignard (Fr, 1989).

This «wilderness» is neither exotic, nor barbarian, ignorant or clumsy. On the contrary, in the case of these three artists, their wild side must be explored in relation to an instinctive, primary, and sometimes absurd world.

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7 Feb. – 10 Feb. 2019