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For the second edition of Paris + by Art Basel, Galerie Poggi proposes a subtle dialogue between Anna-Eva Bergman, Kapwani Kiwanga, Djamel Tatah and Ittah Yoda. This minimalist booth focuses on four essential pieces by each of the artists, underlining their timeless and spiritual dimension.


The scenography of the booth is conceived by interior architect Marie-Anne Derville, with the friendly collaboration of Galerie Romain Morandi, who lends the chairs that Beat Frank imagined for a competition for the Couvent de la Tourette in the 1990s.

In parallel with Paris +, Galerie Poggi inaugurates its new space, located directly on the forecourt of the Centre Pompidou, with a major group exhibition titled “La Première Pierre, de la préhistoire à nos jours” (The First Stone, from prehistory to the Present), bringing together 40 artists over 350 sq. m. of exhibition space.

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Oct. 20 – 22, 2023