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For its third participation to the Armory Show, the gallery is pleased to introduce in the PRESENT section, the project “Trans-Atlantic”, bringing together the works by two Canadian artists, Larissa Fassler and Kapwani Kiwanga, now working in Europe, respectively in Berlin and Paris. The show the “PRESENTS” deal with transatlantic relations from a historical, cultural and geopolitical point of view, from the 16th century, when the interbreeding between three continents (Africa, Europe and the Americas) began, to the present day. This is a central question in Kiwanga’s work, who was associate artist to The Armory show in 2016, especially in her two series Flowers for Africa and Subduction Studies that will be showacases in New York City. Very present as well in Fassler’s work, this subject is approached in her case by mapping public squares – social net, circulation, urban regulations, human behaviors, etc.-, translating on her work all the complex social, cultural and historical elements that constitute them. For the Armory Show, she is focusing on Columbus Circle and the debate about the removal of Christopher Colombus statue.

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8 – 11 Mar. 2018