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Larissa Fassler, “Studio Stadt. Peripherien elektronischer Musik”

Studio Stadt considers electronic music as an early form of digital culture and places it in relation to the changing urban peripheries of Munich and Berlin. Based on the history of the Siemens Studio for Electronic Music, founded in Munich in 1960, Studio Stadt mixes diverse (sound) traces into a reflection on the automation of the world of work and life in the 20th and early 21st century. Globally operating tech corporations are not only actors of industrialization, but have always shaped social urban development through land ownership and company-owned real estate companies. Against this background, the artists in Studio Stadt experiment with the potentials of making invisible flows and infrastructures audible and making visible unheard narratives inscribed in the body of the city.

Studio Stadt is a collaboration between Scharaun and Kunstraum München. The exhibitions in Munich and Berlin (June 24-July 30, 2023, opening: June 24, 2023, 18-22h) will take place almost simultaneously and will be accompanied by a program of events including research-based interventions in public space, films, talks, lectures, and performances.