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Paul Mignard, Residency at Domaine des Oseraies

From September to November 2022, Paul Mignard was the first artist in residence at the Domaine des Oseraies which, since 1988, has been a place of encounters and “lifelong learning”, where fashion and contemporary art, entrepreneurs, young people in training, local residents and the international public meet.

The collection of the Domaine des Oseraies contains some 300 works of art (paintings, sculptures, photographs), built up over the lifetime of Didier Grumbach, its founder, and which live in the house from room to room, but also in the park. Located in the commune of Faverolles, two buildings have housed the works over the years: an old 17th century farmhouse surrounded by a moat and a more modern house on the edge of an alder forest. Furnished with furniture that is itself representative of the major currents of 20th century design, these two living quarters integrate the pieces of the collection in an informal hanging, which gives an account of the intimacy of living with them.