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Sophie Ristelhueber, “Humain Autonome / Fossiles Mécaniques”

A symbol of freedom, of liberation from space-time barriers, but also of mastery and possession of “Nature”, the automobile is part of modes of production, relationships of domination and exploitation that are responsible for the destruction of our ecosystems.

The group exhibition “Humain Autonome : Fossiles Mécaniques” explores this modern heritage, comparing the imaginary and the realities of the motorized civilization. A machine of fantasies, the automobile is here reinscribed in the forms of life, energy systems, territorial planning, organization of work, geopolitical strategies and mobilities that it implies – those of a fossilized capitalism that never ceases to outlive itself.

Conceived by curators Marianne Derrien, Sarah Ihler-Meyer and Salim Santa Lucia, this exhibition produced by La Condition Publique, is part of the Résonance of the Triennale eurorégionale “Art & Industrie” of the Frac Grand Large Hauts-de-France (10.06.2023 – 14.01.2024). It is the second part of a cycle that began with “Joyridin” at Frac Normandie Caen in February 2023 and will continue in 2024 at MacVal (Vitry-sur-Seine).