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Christian Bonnefoi, Solo Show

Galerie Poggi is pleased to present Christian Bonnefoi‘s first solo exhibition in its new space from March 22nd to April 27th 2024.

The exhibition at Villa Emerige will be structured around a body of work from the collection of Laurent Dumas, with a set of Dos and Compositions, augmented by the historic Eurêka series and recent small formats from the Haranguée series.

Following the opening of its new address, the gallery is expanding its artistic program by reinforcing its support for the French art scene (Djamel Tatah, Sophie Ristelhueber, Georges Tony-Stoll, Kapwani Kiwanga, Josèfa Ntjam…) and for a generation of historic artists who have marked the history of art over the last fifty years.

The exhibition will feature a selection of Bonnefoi’s recent works, illustrating the progression of his plastic language and visual experimentation over time. Elements of several emblematic series will be presented, including PL, Compositions and Dos, as well as two masterpieces by Henri Matisse, a prime source of inspiration for Christian Bonnefoi.


In addition, Bonnefoi’s works will exceptionally be placed in dialogue with two drawings by Henri Matisse from 1935 and 1944, Nature Morte au Bouquet d’Anémones, and a still life Dans l’atelier de l’artiste, table avec nature morte et modèle.

A major source of inspiration for Bonnefoi, whose discovery of the Dos at the Grand Palais in 1974 was the fundamental event that inspired him to become an artist, these two drawings will be exhibited alongside Bonnefoi’s Fioretti series, which features the colors and geometric compositions characteristic of all Henri Matisse’s work.

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March 22 - April 27, 2024

Featured Works at Galerie Poggi (Selection)

Featured Works at Villa Emerige (Selection)