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Paul Mignard, Nopal

“ He saw the nopal, but over there, so far away, it must have been a dream. Out of the mist were coming out : shapes round and soft, repeated, in a long walk from one dream to another dream (…) ”

Extract of Nopal by Roberto Bolaño


Jérôme Poggi is pleased to present Nopal, the second solo exhibition of Paul Mignard at the gallery. This project will be accompanied by two in-situ projects in the gallery’s cabinets, by Cecilia Granara and IttahYoda, and curated by Camille Bréchignac. These two spaces, designed by architect Thomas Havet, offer a counterpoint to the main exhibition, and are this time given to three emerging artists from the French art scene, belonging to the same generation as Mignard. Together, they offer a look at young emerging practices in France and, more particularly, at the relationship they nurture with imagination and to the idea of landscape.

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6 Nov. - 23 Dec. 2021