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Material Art Fair 2020

For its third time in Mexico City, Galerie Poggi is glad to devote a solo show to the young French artist Paul Mignard (born in 1989). Since having won Laurent Dumas’ (collector and president of the Palais de Tokyo) prestigious Emerige Prize in 2018, Paul Mignard has drawn to himself a great deal of attention from the French and international artistic scene.

In October 2019, a significant publication on his work has been launched, bringing together texts by critics and curators : Gaël Charbau, Alain Berland, Marianne Derrien and Diana Campbell Betancourt. Curator of the Dhaka Art Summit and the Samdani Foundation, Diana Campbell Betancourt discorvered Paul Mignard’s work at the time of the previous edition of Material art Fair, where the gallery presented his paintings along side two others artists, Sidival Fila and Georges Tony Stoll.

For this next edition, the project will focus on a recurent theme in Paul Mignard’s practice : that of the mountain. The latter, which can be perceived from the landscape’s point of view, but equaly as a spiritual and alchemical symbol, common to numerous cultures across the world, or as a ritual and initiatic journey, often exercised by the artist.

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6 Feb. – 9 Feb. 2020