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Wesley Meuris, “Quotidien Communs”

The group exhibition “Quotidien Communs” at La Ferme du Buisson focuses on the links between art and society, and presents several ways in which citizen art can be applied: participatory art practices or art in a social context, popular art commissions and co-creation processes.

Wesley Meuris will present The Public Art Center, an installation initiated in 2013 as part of the French Foundation’s “Nouveaux Commanditaires” initiative, aimed at making tangible the important artistic heritage of French higher education establishments. Conceived as a fictional museum institution, it takes the form of an inventory of the university art collection. At once an archive, a collection and an exhibition, this sculpture, made up of transport crates crafted by the artist and two hundred frames featuring original montage-collages, reveals the rich heritage of French universities.

Exhibited at the Centre Pompidou in 2018, the work then entered the collections of the Centre national des arts plastiques, destined to be exhibited in international and national museums, thus bringing not art to the university, but the university to the museum.