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Paul Mignard

Born in 1989 in Paris where he lives and works.

Paul Mignard’s work explores the many aspects of landscape, whether interior or exterior, real or imaginary, sometimes reconstructed from memories of travel. He works on printed fabrics or blank canvases without frames which are then nailed to the wall. Mixing pigments and glitter, he creates dreamlike images inspired by cartography, mysticism and anthropology.


Working with an acrylic medium, he sifts or blows pigments, metal powders and glitter dust directly onto loose canvases, sometimes printed beforehand and always exhibited unframed. His colorful aqueous compositions unfold visual palimpsests that evoke occult charts, linking motifs pertaining to the human body and nature to esoteric signs, geometric forms, and partial reproductions of ancient scriptures – notably pictograms and ideograms. Profoundly inspired by Taoist doctrines, Paul Mignard further suggests the mutual transformation of the self and its environment through his depiction of mental landscapes, where the past and the present, reality and imagination, as well as the sacred and the profane aren’t separated but irrevocably connected.

He was recently invited for a residency at the Domaine des Oseraies (Faverolles, France). In 2023, Paul Mignard is invited to produce an original work for the IN/SITU program of Expo Chicago 2023, a fair in which the gallery is participating for the first time. His works have been exhibited in solo and group shows, including Nopal” at Galerie Poggi (Paris, France), “The Return” at Fabre (Paris, France), “Outside Our” at the Villa Emerige (Paris, France), “Le temps des assassins” (The Time of the Assassins) at the Galerie Michel Journiac (Paris, France), and “Rappelles toi de la couleur des fraises” (Remember the color of strawberries) » at the Crédac (Ivry-sur-Seine, France). He joined the Galerie Jérôme Poggi in 2018.

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“Paul Mignard is a mentalist painter, an explorer of expanded consciousness, a traveller who is not interested in the envelope of things but in the entities, interfaces and symbols that manisfest the bonds, the strings, that hang us fromthe world and make it possible”

– Gaël Charbau

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Interview of Paul Mignard

by Anne-Frédérique Fer, in Paris, on June 4th 2021, 18’57. © FranceFineArt


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Exhibitions at the Gallery


The First Stone

Group Show

October 13 - December 2, 2023

Paul Mignard, Nopal

Solo Show

6 Nov. - 23 Dec. 2021

Rainbow Gravity

Group Show

June 20 – July 18, 2020

Paul Mignard, Un Ciel tout Vert

Solo Show

12 Oct. – 23 Nov. 2019




Group Show

April 13 – 16, 2023

Material Art Fair 2020

Solo Show

6 Feb. – 9 Feb. 2020

Material Art Fair 2019

Group Show

7 Feb. – 10 Feb. 2019



Paul Mignard

Paul Mignard, Un Ciel Tout Vert